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Help for new researchers upon arrival

1.  Meet with your supervisor

He/She will introduce you to key ressources in the Department and will communicate important information to you.

Carefully read your contract, which by reference, includes all University Policies and your labour agreement, if applicable.

*It is important to take the time to review these policies and agreement - many of them are applicable across the Concordia community and may affect your department or unit. Your labour agreement will also have important information about your entitlements while working at Concordia, and you can access it on Cspace (see below on how to access C-Space).

2.  Go to HR to obtain your employee ID card

To obtain this card, you must bring the following documents with you:

  • A void cheque
  • Your letter of appointment from the Dean's Office, the School of Graduate Studies or Concordia International, if applicable.
  • Your social insurance number. If you don't have one yet, you need to obtain it before you start work and before we can start paying you. To obtain one, please go here, near Place des Arts metro station.
  • If you are not Canadian, please also bring a copy of your passport or permanent resident card and your work permit (if applicable).

This employee card will contain your employee id number. 

3.  Meet with the Department Administrator

Now that you are set up from a University perspective, the Department Administrator will help set you up from the Faculty of ENCS's perspective. Please meet with her at EV006.143 to fill in this form. More precisely, this will allow you to obtain:

  • Your ENCS account (storage, local email account, software access, etc.)
  • An Office, if applicable
  • Card Access, if applicable

4.    Update your personal information 

Navigate to to set up your access to our employee portal, which will also serve as your username/password for Wi-fi, your email address, Empath (see below) and C-Space (see below as well).

  • On the landing page, you will see the option to click on "New employee? Activate your netname". Click on it and select "Employee Account". Make sure you have your date of birth (DOB), the residential postal code you gave at HR and employee ID number handy because you will need them to create your account.
  • Complete the employment equity questionnaire by selecting “Employee Services”, clicking on “MyHR Profile.”, selecting “my empath,” “employment equity,” and “workforce survey,” and clicking on the “employment equity” link.
  • Make sure your address is correct by going in the Empath menu, selecting  “personal” and “contacts”.
  • Input your emergency contact information by going to the Empath menu, selecting  “personal,” “contacts” and clicking on the tab called “Emergency”.

5.  Explore our employee intranet (C-Space)

-News, events, forms, services, benefits, etc. can be found on this site.

*Concordia University provides eligible faculty and staff with a comprehensive group insurance benefits program. The program includes life insurancedisabilitydentalhealth, and more. Concordia employees also have a pension plan. Not all staff or faculty will have the same entitlements, so it’s important that you contact HR to learn about your entitlements and how to enrol. For questions about benefits, contact HR Shared Services at 514-848-2424, ext. 3666, or For details about your pension, please contact HR Pension Services at The Department will not be able to assist you on this topic.

5.    Attend the new-staff orientation session

Once you’re hired, there’s a lot to learn. HR organizes a one-day orientation for new, non-academic staff with contracts of one year or more. For more information, contact them directly at (514) 848-2424, ext. 3666.

An orientation for new faculty takes place in the summer and is organized by the Office of the Provost.

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