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While listening has increasingly been acknowledged as an important field of study in the contexts of oral history and oral history performance, critically engaged creative research on this subject remains a somewhat neglected area of inquiry. In order to study the processes and outcomes involved in listening to oral history performances, the ALLab is equipped with infrastructure to support the production, collection, management, analysis, long-term preservation and sharing of data on listening.

Infrastructure includes: 

A) aural recording and playback equipment to facilitate listening in a range of ways: with amplification and surround sound effects via microphones and loudspeakers, intimate listening via MP3 players and headphones, and listening mediated by

a) mixing board; 
b) social media voice messages and tele-conferencing; and
c) a simultaneous translation system.

B) theatrical lighting;
C) video playback equipment, in particular a 60” 4K LED TV, and a high definition video camera to be used as live cam within performances;
D) control infrastructure to drive the audio, lighting, social media, and video; and
E) appropriate furniture for facilitating a wide range of spatial arrangements for the study of listening and for developing collaborative projects with research participants.

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