PhD students should approach a prospective thesis supervisor prior to applying to the program. If a faculty member agrees to supervise a project, they can give some advice in preparing a 5-8 page research proposal for the application.

Once admitted to the program, students are guided by their supervisors as they write a longer thesis proposal, which serves as the basis of their comprehensive examinations. Once students are admitted to candidacy, they work closely with their supervisors who guide them through the research, writing and submission processes.

Timeline at-a-glance

  Convocation date
Spring (no winter fees)  Spring (winter fees) Fall 
Apply to graduate
January 15  January 15  July 15 
Submission to Examination Committee
October 20 (department deadline)  February 11  July 14 
(6 weeks after the submission to the committee) 
December 1  March 25  August 25 
Final Submission to Spectrum
December 31  April 1  September 1 

PhD thesis and defence guidelines

Please see the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) for comprehensive information (deadlines, formatting, examination committee, defence, submission, and graduation), making note of the following information.

See also

Applying to graduate

The application to graduate is separate from the thesis submission process. There are two graduation application deadlines each year:

  • January 15 – June convocation application deadline
  • July 15 – November convocation application deadline

Ready? Apply to graduate

Visit the Interuniversity PhD website for the most complete and up-to-date information about the PhD program 

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