Academic Forum in Canadian
Jewish Studies

The Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies cordially invites you to attend a meeting of the Montreal Canadian Jewish Studies Forum. The mission of this group is to foster friendly and open dialogue between people interested in Canadian Jewish Studies, encourage the advancement of knowledge in this field through reading, debate and discussion and to promote publication in academic, non-academic and artistic venues.

Meetings will occur once a month at Concordia University. Each meeting will focus on a theme relevant to Canadian Jewish Studies, though the structure of the meetings may vary (presentations or responding to reading etc.). Topics might include questions such as:

  • What can cultural studies, postcolonialism, queer theory and other modes of inquiry add to our understanding of the diversity of Canadian Jewish experiences?
  • How can knowledge and technology combine to improve researching and teaching on Canadian Jewish topics in institutions and in community?

The forum will also provide an opportunity to share working papers, creative works, or projects that individuals are working on and help each other build for curriculum for courses and community initiatives.





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