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Randy's Corner

Curious to learn more about Israel? Fascinated by history, politics, and Israel’s role on the international stage?

Twice a month, Randy’s Corner features diverse topics ranging from geo-political relations and historical achievements, to technological, medical and scientific breakthroughs.

Researched by our feature writer and in-house editor, Randy Pinsky, pieces are timely and impactful, recapping Azrieli Institute events and documentary screenings. 

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Recent Pieces

September 2023 - Two Women Signed Israel's Declaration of Independence, Golda and....?

May 2023 - Saving the Dead Sea

April 2023 - Sports and Diplomacy? A Game-Changer

March 2023 - Once Forgotten But Always a Legend Israeli Pioneer, Manya Shochat

February 22, 2023 - First on the Scene: Israel's Search and Rescue Efforts

February 2023 - "First to Stand": Irwin Cotler, Crusader of Human Rights

January 2023 - Israel Goes to the Polls...Again

December 2022 - Fighting the Devil: Canadian Jewish Service People in the Second World War

November 2022 - Reckoning with the Past, Committing to the Future: Israel and Germany's Reparations Agreement

October 2022 - Finding the Site of David and Goliath: Connection With the Past, Implications for the Future?

September 2022 - The Year of Interruption: Israel's Agriculture Revolution

August 2022 - Understanding the 'Other' and a Miracle Fruit: The Azrieli Institute's 2022 Montefiore Graduate Awards

July 2022 - 70 Years of Reckoning with the Past: The Claims Conference

June 2022 - Divers by Day, Smugglers by Night: Mossad's Rescue of Ethiopian Jewry

May 27, 2022 - Morocco: Exporter of Oranges and Broker of Peace

May 2022 - Israel and Sports: A Come-From-Behind Story

April 2022 - Getting to That Moment of Silence: Remembering the Munich Massacre

March 2022 - "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Creative": Israel's Innovations for Pandemic Relief

February 2022 - The Angel of Budapest: What Happened to Raoul Wallenberg?

January 2022 - Battling the Beast: Israel’s Experience in the Pandemic

December 2021 - ‘Justice Justice You Shall Pursue’ Legacies of the Nuremberg and Eichmann Trials

November 2021 - ‘A Common Goal’: Reconciliation through Sports

October 2021 - Global Challenges, Israeli Solutions: State of the Art in Israeli Sustainability Studies and Agricultural Science

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