Randy's Corner

Articles written by Randy Pinsky, our feature writer and in-house editor at the Azrieli Institute. These articles, infused with Randy’s insights, are recaps of the events from the previous month, highlighting main themes covered and provoking a rethinking of current issues. 

A freelance writer and editor, Randy works in the special needs and health care fields as field reporter for Inspirations Newspaper and editor for medical academic articles. She was recently invited to write commemorative pieces for the Hecht Teaching of the Holocaust for Educators Scholarship Program; an honor to cover such a timely and innovative initiative. On the side, Randy is a semi-professional Afro-Brazilian drummer, having performed at Montreal’s historical 2019 climate change march, Theatre St Denis, and for Montreal's Impact soccer team, and started her own troupe, The Makuru Drummers.

Recent Pieces

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