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Research assistantships

Mitchell Stein

“My name is Mitchell, and I am a student pursuing a BA in Communication and Media Studies with a Minor in Israel Studies. I’m proud to be working with the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies at Concordia University as a Research Assistant, in working on articles and social content focused on the rich history and culture of Israel, including in our “Streets of Israel” project, highlighting the stories and heritage found on Israel’s diverse streets. With my passion for history, politics, and culture, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the Azrieli Institute through these exciting projects."

Layla Rudy

Layla Rudy

“My name is Layla Rudy, I am a student at Concordia University, currently working on my BA in Judaic Studies and a potential minor in Linguistics. I am working with the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies as a research assistant. We are putting together pieces on events and figures that play a role in Israeli culture, politics, and history."

Kellian Debargis

Kellian Debargis

“My name is Kellian Debargis, and I am a second-year student at Concordia University. I am working towards a BA in which I double-major in political science and economics. This summer, I am working with the Azrieli Institute as a research assistant. I assist in researching past presidents, prime ministers, elections and governments of Israel and their role domestically and internationally."

Leah Adoni

Leah Adoni

"I'm Leah Adoni, a fourth-year Political Science student with a minor in Law and Society. Currently, I am working alongside Dr. Ghariani on the diplomatic history of Israel and Turkey. We are researching how the relationship between these two regional leaders developed over the last few decades.”

Olivier Lafond-Wise

Olivier Lafond-Wise

"Hello! My name is Olivier Lafond-Wise. I study the history of religious movements and customs in the Department of Religions and Cultures. In 2017, I produced a short documentary in Jerusalem, Habesha, that sheds light on the integration of Ethiopian Jews into Israeli society. Currently, I am working with the Azrieli Institute in collaboration with the Concordia University Library to prepare a collection of Israeli cinema that will be made accessible through the library’s digital platform."

About Habesha

Told through the voices of Ethiopian Jews who fled their native home for the promised riches of the Holy Land, Habesha tells the story of a collision between biblical hopes and the hardships of immigration. It is a testament to the power of faith. 

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