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Azrieli Institute Academic Advisory Group

Azrieli Institute's Affiliated Scholars

Affiliation with the Azrieli Institute's Affiliated Scholars is open to Concordia faculty members. Affiliated scholars receive invitation to events. If you are interested in becoming an affiliated scholar, please contact the Director.

Name Department Area of Specialization
Dr. Shimon Amir Department of Psychology Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, 
Dr. Ceren Belge Department of Political Science State-Minority Relations, Law and Society, The Politics of Everyday Life, and Gender Relations
Dr. Abe Brodt John Molson School of Business (Finance) Financial Management of Financial Institutions and Portfolio Management
Dr. Saul Carliner Department of Education Workplace Learning, Workplace Communication, Online Communication, Management, Productivity
Dr. June Chaikelson Department of Psychology Differential Lifetime
Dr. Frank Chalk Department of History           Genocide Studies, Anti-Semitism, Human Rights, Holocaust, Africa, Crimes Against Humanity
Dr. Naftali Cohn Department of Religion  Religions & Cultures in Late Antiquity and Relgion, Gender & Sexuality
Dr. Rasha El Hawari Department of Classics -  Modern Languages & Linguistics Arabic Language,  Modern Arabic Literature and Arabic sociolinguistics
Dr. Ariela Freedman Liberal Arts College Liberal Arts Education, English / American Literature, World War I Literature, Great Books, James Joyce
Dr. Henry Habib Department of Political Science Middle East and International Politics
Dr. Alan Hochstein John Molson School of Business (Interim Dean) Corporate Restructuring, Cost functions, Demand & Supply Functions, Health Costs, and Health Economics
Dr. Calvin Kalman Principal Science College Education of Science and Engineering Professors
Dr. Frederick Krantz Liberal Arts College Italian Renaissance, Jewish History, History of Anti-Semitism
Dr. Michael Lipson Department of Political Science International Organizations, Security Issues, Non-proliferation
Geoffrey Little Library - Collection Services (Banner #0135215) Library Studies
Dr. Catherine MacKenzie Department of Art History Race and Representation, Cross-Cultural Dynamics in Twentieth-Century China, Art Collecting, Provenance and the Politics of Art Restitution and Feminism and Art History
Dr. Bradley Nelson Department of Classics -  Modern Languages & Linguistics Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Culture and Theatre
Dr. David Pariser Department of Art Education Multicultural Art Education, Art Education For Children, The Development of Great Artists, Childhood Works of Great Artists
Dr. Norman Ravvin Department of Religion
Canadian Jewish Experience and History, Jewish Writing, Canadian Jewish Literature and History, Holocaust Studies
Dr. Lorna Roth Department of Communications Media and Minorities, Neo-Colonial Theory and “Development,” Race, Representation, & Technologies, International Communication, Indigenous Television and Media History, New Media and First Peoples, Mediating Oral Histories, Oral History as Cultural Performance, Civic Journalism
Dr. Shelley Reuter Department of Sociology and Anthropolgy Feminist Sociology of Medicine
Dr. Marc D. Rotstein Department of Classics -  Modern Languages & Linguistics Hebrew Language
Dr. Lionel Sanders Department of Classics -  Modern Languages & Linguistics Greek and Roman History
Dr. Lorne Switzer John Molson School of Business (Finance) Capital markets, Commercial Banking and Financial Institutions, Corporate Governance, Derivative Securities, Economics of Technological Change, Financial Modelling, General Economics and Finance, Governance, International Finance, Investments and Portfolio Management
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