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Azrieli Institute Academic Advisory Group consists of tenured faculty members with demonstrated research expertise (e.g. external research grants and/ or peer reviewed publications) and / or teaching interest (e.g. undergraduate or graduate courses, supervision of theses or dissertations) in Israel.

Azrieli Institute Academic Advisory Group


Affiliated Faculty

Yakub Halabi (University of Haifa, Western Galilee College) - 2021 - 

As a past visiting researcher at the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies (2014-15), Dr. Halabi edited a collection of essays on Democratic Peace Across the Middle East: Islam and Political Modernisationsubsequently published by I B Tauris in 2016. His current research interests include minority rights, with emphasis on the rights of the Druze and Yezidi minorities in various Middle Eastern countries. his recent publications include: 

Lihi Lahat (2019-   ) is a senior lecturer at Sapir Academic College in the Department of Administration and Public Policy and is an Affiliate Associate Professor of the Institute.

For more information about Dr. Lahat .

During her time as an Affiliate Associate Professor at the Institute, she has published:

Amir Locker-Biletzki, (2017-18 and 2019-21 ) has been affiliated with the Institute after he completed his PostDoctoral Fellowship.  He completed his book, Holidays of the Revolution: Communist Identity in Israel, 1919-1965 and has published a number of articles with the help of his research at the Institute.  For additional information, please see his details on the PostDoctoral Fellows page.   

During his time as an Affiliate at the Institute, he has published:

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