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Nicole Gervais

2014, PhD Psychology (Research Training Option) (Supervisors: Dave Mumby and Wayne Brake)

Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Toronto)
Nicole Gervais

1.     How are you applying your degree in Psychology from Concordia?

My PhD in Psychology has had a huge impact on my current work in neuroscience, which allows me to conduct research using three species: humans, common marmosets and rats. My currently funded project investigates early markers of Alzheimer’s disease by expanding on my PhD research on the perirhinal cortex and object recognition memory.

2.     What do you value most from your experience in the Psychology program?

The collaborative nature of the department and the Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology, as well as the faculty’s dedication to both training and conducting meaningful, well-designed research.

3.     Is there a particular memory that stands out from your time at Concordia?

A one-on-one meeting with Jane Stewart where we discussed a paper she said I should read. This meeting triggered my interest in the neurobiology of mental illness and fostered my transition to behavioural neurobiology.

4.     What advice would you give to someone considering graduate studies in a Psychology program?  

If you are considering a research career in Psychology/Neuroscience, consider this program. The supportive nature of the department, including my supervisors and peers, is the main reason why I had a wonderful experience as a graduate student. I had several opportunities to explore my own research interests and pursue collaborations with other researchers, all of which was highly enriching to my development as a scientist.

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