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Co-op program

The Co-op experience

The Political Science Co-operative Education (Co-op) program is an option for a limited number of full-time students entering the Political Science program.

Co-op Program

With the Political Science Co-op degree, students graduate with the equivalent of one year (three work terms) of full-time compensated employment related to their field of study and career objectives. While the Co-op degree is slightly longer (usually one semester) than the regular Political Science degree, the academic content of the Co-op program is identical to that of the regular degree.

Many positions of employment are situated in the Montreal area; however, students who do not speak French should be prepared to work in other parts of Canada. Students can increase the diversity of employment options by applying to jobs across the country. International placements are also a possibility.

Students’ Co-op experience is overseen by both the Department of Political Science and the Institute for Co-operative Education.

  • The Department’s Academic Director for the Co-op Program ensures students meet the academic requirements for their degree, plans their study/work sequences, reviews their GPAs, and grades their work term reports.
  • The Co-op Institute’s Program Coordinator administers everything related to students’ job training, placement applications, etc.

For all the details on the Co-op Program, please visit the Institute for Co-operative Education’s website.

Admission to the Co-op Program

Admissions to the Co-op Program happen after students are admitted to Concordia. During each year’s round of admissions (usually in Spring), the Department contacts students who have declared their interest in the Co-op program with an invitation to apply.

There are to two ways students indicate their interest in the Co-op program:
    1.    When applying to Concordia: Applicants declare their interest in being considered for the Political Science Co-op Program by ticking the co-op box when selecting their Political Science degree program.
    2.    After students start their studies: If students did not tick the co-op box when applying to Concordia, but they subsequently decide they are interested in the Political Science Co-op Program, they may still apply. They should inform the Department of their interest in Co-op through this online form.

To be eligible to apply, students must have:
    1.    a Concordia GPA of at least 3.3 or a CRC of at least 30
    2.    at least 60 credits remaining in their degree
The application process is as follows:
  • The Department emails interested students with invitations to apply to the Co-op Program.
  • Students submit their applications.
  • The Department sends offers of admission. Admitted students attend an information session with the Co-op Academic Director and Program Coordinator.
  • Students decide whether to accept the offer of admission.

Study and Work in the Co-op Program

The Academic Director will set a course sequence (a schedule of work and study terms) that students are required to follow. Students must report to the Academic Director if there are any circumstances that could affect their ability to follow their course sequences. A sample course sequence is as follows:

Year in Co-op Program

Fall Term

Winter Term

Summer Term

Year 1




Year 2

Work Term 1


Work Term 2

Year 3


Work Term 3


Study terms are full-time (12-15 credits), and students are required to maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 throughout their degree. At the end of their work terms, students submit a work-term report for the Academic Director’s approval.

The Institute for Co-operative Education has its own requirements for the Co-op Program. Please see its website for further details.


Please visit the students section of the Institute for Co-operative Education for information on sample responsibilities, fees, job application procedures, etc. If you have questions, please contact Rachel Bureau, Political Science Coordinator for the Institute of Co-operative Education,

For questions relating to admissions, GPA requirements, and course sequences during a Co-op degree, please contact Dr. Nicole De Silva, Academic Director, Co-op, Political Science,

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