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Our research brings the philosophy of values, philosophy of the sciences, and philosophy of human identity & difference into a dynamic intersection.

This dynamic intersection helps advance research and teaching both in and beyond philosophy, on topics ranging from climate change and biodiversity to global justice, gender, and embodiment. The expertise, scholarship and publications of our faculty extends across a spectrum of work in analytic philosophy, history of philosophy, and continental philosophy.

Research & supervisory area clustering

The lists below show how our research and/or supervisory capacities cluster within philosophy of values, sciences, and human identity & difference.

History and Philosophy of Science (Ancient, Mediaeval, Modern & 20th C) Barker, Clarke, Hamid, Perry
Epistemology ClarkeHamid, Hlobil
Logic, Language, & Philosophy of Mathematics LaversHlobil
Philosophy of Biology Barker, Hamid, Morris, Perry
Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Perception, Psychology BarkerClarke, Hamid, HlobilMorris
Philosophy of Nature Barker, Hamid, Morris, Perry
Philosophy of Science Barker, Clarke, Hamid, Lavers
Philosophy of the Social Sciences Barker, Fritsch, GilabertHamid, Hlobil, Nieswandt

Ethics & Value Theory Barker, Falcon, Fritsch, Gilabert, Hu, Nieswandt, Perry
Environmental Ethics BarkerFritsch
Ethics of Technology  Barker, Hlobil
Justice & Human Rights GilabertNieswandt
Metaethics Hlobil, Hu, Nieswandt
Moral Psychology Hlobil, Hu
Social & Political Philosophy FritschGilabert, Hu, Nieswandt

Critical Theory Angelova, Fritsch, Gilabert
Deconstruction Angelova, Fritsch
Gender & Feminist Philosophy Angelova, Hu, Perry
Identity in 19th & 20th C Philosophy (including Marxism) Angelova, GilabertFritschMorris, Nieswandt
Philosophy of Disability & Wellbeing Barker, Hu, Morris
Philosophy of Race Barker
Phenomenology of Human Identity & Experience
Morris, Fritsch
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