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An East Asian painting of mountains, trees, calligraphy and the words Nature, Time and Responsibility

Justice Between Generations: Asian, African, Indigenous and Western Perspectives

September 29 – October 1, 2021

This three-day conference welcomes researchers to focus on intergenerational ethics through cross-cultural philosophical dialogue. Organized around the guiding theme of connections among the concepts of nature, time and responsibility and hosted by the Nature, Time, Responsibility research group based at Concordia.

Presented virtually and open to all.

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Hiroshi Abe and Matthias Fritsch with the Humboldt Alumni Award for Innovative Networking Initiative

An innovative network

NTR is organized by Hiroshi Abe of Kyoto University, Matthias Fritsch of Concordia University and Mario Wenning of the University of Macau.

In 2017, NTR was awarded the prestigious Humboldt Alumni Award for Innovative Networking Initiative (Euro 25,000) from the German Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation.

With the help of the Humboldt Award and other sources, NTR has organized the exchange of student and postdoctoral researchers across the network and plans further conferences.


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Matthias Fritsch

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