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Testimonials from our graduates

"An MA in Philosophy at Concordia University was excellent preparation for pursuing doctoral studies and for academic research and teaching. Beyond being able to take courses directly in my areas of interest and discuss texts which have shaped my thinking ever since, I was fortunate to receive professional training and mentorship through teaching assistantship and research assistantship positions, and felt strongly supported in the processes of applying for funding and further study. The faculty at Concordia has continued to support my work long after my program of study was completed." Professor Ami Harbin, Department of Philosophy, Oakland University (MA 2007)

"My undergraduate studies at Concordia provided me with an excellent background in all major areas of philosophy and proved to be an excellent preparation for graduate school. But most importantly, it is through reading philosophical texts at Concordia that I learned to think by myself. This proves to be a real asset in all areas of life, a tangible effect of philosophy in my everyday projects and engagements with others." Professor Maxime Doyon, Department of Philosophy, Université de Montréal

"I can't emphasize enough how great a place Concordia is to study Philosophy. There is something special about living in Montreal: from the outstanding arts and culture, to the incredible academic environment, it is hard to live here and not feel inspired. It had been a privilege to enjoy it all surrounded by a wonderful group of friends and faculty. If you get the opportunity to attend, gladly take it." Jordan Walters, (MA 2020)

“Although I am now studying outside of Philosophy per se, my preparatory studies in Philosophy at CU were invaluable to my capacity for critical inquiry and scholarly thought... Philosophical approaches can be applied to all social science disciplines...” Rosalind Raddatz, PhD Candidate Political Science, UOttawa (BA Honours 2006, MA 2008)

“Philosophy has been immensely helpful in the therapy room as it has prepared me to discuss questions of meaning and purpose with my clients.” Giuseppe Alfonsi, PhD Candidate Clinical Psychology at CU (BSc Psychology, Major Philosophy, 2005)

“Struggling with complex and difficult texts, receiving a grounding in the foundations of Western and non-Western thought, and constructing sound arguments for and against ideas both new and foreign to me were invaluable experiences.” James Forbes, MA Candidate in Communication and Culture, Toronto Metropolitan and York (BA Honours 2007)

“The philosophy degree prepared me [for being Sales Manager, TD Bank], as most business functions are analytic.” Devon Ajram (BA Honours 2005)

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