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Funding possibilities for MA students come in two basic forms: external and internal to the university.

There are also funds available within the Department, in the form of Research Assistantships (RAs) from individual faculty members. See our job opportunities page for open RA possibilities; you can also inquire with individual faculty members to see if they have need/funding for RAs.

External funding

The two major external, governmental granting agencies are SSHRC at the federal and FQRSC at the provincial level. If you are in your last year of undergraduate studies and wish to apply to our MA program, and if you meet the eligibility requirements of these agencies, it is a good idea to apply for this sort of funding even before applying to our program, as governmental funding is both more generous and more prestigious than internal funding. You may, however, also apply during your first year of the MA program for the second year. Some of our students have pursued either of these two options and been successful, but the former route—applying for graduate level funding from within the undergraduate program—is preferable.

To be eligible, your GPA, either during the entire Bachelor's program (FQRSC) or during each of the last two years of full time studies (SSHRC) must be of "first class standing", which, in terms of the grading scheme used at Concordia University, means an average minimum of A- (or 3.7). In addition, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and, for provincial grants, a Quebec resident. Deadlines of external granting agencies as well as their detailed eligibility requirements may be taken from their websites.

Internal funding from the university

MA applicants who apply for Fall admission by the February 1 deadline are automatically considered for funding on a competitive basis. 

Internal funding from the department

The Department's Carol Lee Price MA Scholarship is a $34,950 CAD award for women international students working in Ancient Philosophy, Human Rights and Social Justice, or Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics. 

In addition to the regular admissions application, which consists of providing the official transcripts of all post-secondary schools attended, three letters of reference, and a sample of writing in the range of 2,500-3,750 words (see admission requirements), the applicant shall provide a two-page statement of a research project in one of the following areas: Logic, History and Philosophy of Logic; Philosophy of Mathematics; Human Rights and Social Justice; Greek or Roman Philosophy.

Deadline for Applications: February 1, together with the regular admissions application.

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