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Funding possibilities for MA students come in two basic forms: external and internal to the university.

There are also funds available within the Department, in the form of Research Assistantships (RAs) from individual faculty members. See our job opportunities page for open RA possibilities; you can also inquire with individual faculty members to see if they have need/funding for RAs.

External funding

The two major external, governmental granting agencies are SSHRC at the federal and FQRSC at the provincial level. If you are in your last year of undergraduate studies and wish to apply to our MA program, and if you meet the eligibility requirements of these agencies, it is a good idea to apply for this sort of funding even before applying to our program, as governmental funding is both more generous and more prestigious than internal funding. You may, however, also apply during your first year of the MA program for the second year. Some of our students have pursued either of these two options and been successful, but the former route—applying for graduate level funding from within the undergraduate program—is preferable.

To be eligible, your GPA, either during the entire Bachelor's program (FQRSC) or during each of the last two years of full time studies (SSHRC) must be of "first class standing", which, in terms of the grading scheme used at Concordia University, means an average minimum of A- (or 3.7). In addition, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and, for provincial grants, a Quebec resident. Deadlines of external granting agencies as well as their detailed eligibility requirements may be taken from their websites.

Internal funding from the university

Internal funding includes both university scholarships, for which there usually is a university-wide competition, and departmental funding in the form of teaching and research assistantships. The former usually don't require research or teaching assistanship work (though some do), and come in a variety of forms.

For September admission, students should apply for Concordia University Graduate Fellowships by December 15 of the preceding year. A second range of university-wide awards has a deadline of April 10. In both cases, you apply simply by checking the appropriate boxes on the form used to apply for admission to the program; no additional form is required. Since philosophy graduate students have in the past been rather successful in university-wide competitions, you should not forget to tick off these boxes. More information about these sorts of funding, including eligibility requirements and funding amounts, is available on the School of Graduate Studies web site.

Internal funding from the department

The Department offers several Faculty of Arts and Science Graduate Fellowships ($7,000 each) to incoming Master's students. These are typically combined with research assistantships (R.A) and teaching assistantships (T.A) to yield competitive funding packages to top applicants. Having applied to our program, we will automatically consider you for such assistanships if you apply for September admission by March 31. Most research assistantships come from the research grants held not by the department, but by individual professors who select their students on the basis of academic excellence as well as the student's preparation for the research work required. Teaching assistantships are assigned by the Graduate Program Director on the basis of similar considerations concerning general academic excellence and preparation for the course question. (Given that quite a few of the courses needing staffing by TA's are formal or informal logic classes, good preparation in this area is an asset.) To apply for RA and TA funding, no special form is required, but you may want to indicate your interest and qualification in your statement of purpose.

It should be mentioned here that the Faculty of Arts and Science also supports student conference travel. In addition, the out-of-province tuition rate for Master's students is comparatively low.

The Department's Carol Lee Price MA Scholarship is an award equivalent to approximately $25,000 USD for women, international students working in Ancient Philosophy, Human Rights and Social Justice, or Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics. As well, the Department has two discipline-specific awards to deserving graduate students in the M.A program:

  1. Maria Teresa Hausmann Bursary (approximately $700 awarded each year to an incoming student, deadline September 15).
  2. Rose and Norman Goldberg Graduate Award (approximately $500, awarded every even year, deadline September 15).

A good funding guide for both undergraduate and graduate students at Concordia as well as advice about how to put together an application is available on the School of Graduate Studies web site.

Both the School of Graduate Studies website and the Financial Aid & Awards website have lists of the various university wide awards.

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