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2nd Annual Concordia Sustainability Across Disciplines Conference

March 8-9, 2018

Concordia University

Jesuit Hall and Conference Centre (7141 Sherbrooke St O., Montreal) (March 8)

John Molson Building (1450 rue Guy, Montreal) (March 9)

Dr. Kamal Bawa, who gave the keynote address at this year's Sustainability Across Disciplines conference

On March 8th and 9th, Concordia faculty, students, staff, and members of the larger community came out in force to attend the Sustainability Across Disciplines Conference hosted by the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability (LCDS) and the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre (LSRC). Chaired by LSRC Acting Director Raymond Paquin and organized by LSRC/LCDS coordinator Rebecca Tittler with the help of EHS Sustainability Coordinator Chantal Forgues and LCDS students Matthew Leddy and Kailin Mailly, the conference featured presentations on a diverse range of sustainability-related research topics, ranging from work on the Arctic Council (presented by LSRC Junior Associate Leif Schenstead-Harris) to research on roads, urban sprawl, and wildlife (from LSRC Junior Associate Benjamin Brunen and his colleagues Ariel Spanowicz, Jonathan Cole, and Mehrdokht Pourali from the lab of LSRC fellow Professor Jochen Jaeger). The conference opened in the Loyola Jesuit Hall and Conference Centre on Thursday with a keynote address from Professor Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques on historical variability in river flows and climate change, with the professor ending with an inspiring call for scientists to be actively engaged as agents for change. The day continued with research presentations from faculty, staff, and students from across the University, as well as presentations on sustainability internship from LCDS students.  Friday, the conference opened in the new conference centre on the 9th floor of the MB building with a thought-provoking panel on the politics of sustainability, followed by a round-table discussion on definitions of sustainability across disciplines featuring LSCR fellows from Biology (Professors Pedro Peres-Neto,and James W. A. Grant), Political Science (Professor Amy Poteete), Philosophy (Professor Matthias Fritsch), and the INDI program (Cheryl Gladu). The afternoon round-table discussion on careers in sustainability featured Concordia’s own Chantal Forgues and Maude Lecourt,  as well as Colleen Thorpe (Director of Educational Programming at Equiterre) and Andrew Ross (manager at PwC Canada’s Sustainable Business Solutions) for a sneak peek into various options for careers in sustainability. The closing keynote address featured inspirational words of wisdom about sustainability and trans-disciplinary research from Dr. Kamal Bawa, Distinguished Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Boston and Founder-President of the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), one of India’s top-ranked environmental think tanks. The conference closed with prizes being awarded to Ashlee Prevost and LSRC Junior Associate Stefania Strantza for the best presentations in the graduate student category, and to LCDS students Chris Aitkens and the group made up of Cynthia Fozin-Kengni, Cléa Montanari, Eric Warner, and Margaret Webb for the best presentations in the undergraduate student category. All in all, it was an inspirational and thought-provoking two days of discussion.Thank you to all those who participated in and supported this event. We look forward to next year!





Welcome and opening address

Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques and Alex Pace: Long-term trends and low-frequency variability of river flows in the North American West



10h30-10h45 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided RF-120





Panel Ia: The Importance of Place in Sustainability

10h45: Monica Mulrennan: Sea Space as Home Place: Indigenous Womens’ Perspectives on Sustainability

11h00: Cheryl Gladu: Cooperative Co-Housing and Sustainability

11h15: James W. A. Grant: Territories and Local Communities: the Secret to Cooperation and Sustainability?






Panel Ib: Where can a sustainability internship lead you?

10h45: Kayla Miller: City Farm School Internship: Permaculture and Policy

11h30-11h45 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided RF-120



Panel II: Reconciling the Three Pillars of Sustainability

11h45: Cynthia Fozin-Kengni, Cléa Montanari, Eric Warner, and Margaret Webb: Plan Nord or Plan Mort?

12h00: Chris Aitkens: The Environmental Impact of a Smartphone



12h30-13h30 Lunch provided RF-120








Panel IIIa: Potential Solutions to Problems of Sustainability

13h30: Ashlee Prevost, Nicole Hill, James W.A Grant, William R. Ardren, and Dylan J. FraserReproductive Success of Landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Two Lake Champlain Tributaries

13h45: Matthew C. Yates and Dylan J. Fraser: Experimentally Replicated Population Translocations Reveal the Relative Importance of Habitat and Genetic Risks to Novel Change in a Vertebrate

14h00: Melissa Robertson, Zara Pardiak, Kailin Mailly, and Nicolas Chevalier: Sustainability and the Olympics

14h15: Karina Akulovich, Juliette Carman, Asia McDowall, Mattea Mahut, and Brenna Beith de Montbrun: Ski Resorts and Sustainability: The Case of Mont Tremblant









Panel IIIb: Where Can a Sustainability Internship Lead You?

14h00: Alexey Malyshev: DIY Sustainability: At Home Vermicomposting & Microgreens

14h30-14h45 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided RF-120







Panel IVa: The Politics and Industrial Implications of Sustainability

14h45: Isabelle Jolin and Shannon Lloyd: Benchmarking Canadian Airports on Environmental Performance: A New and Improved Sustainability Ranking Index

15h00: Matthias Heppa, Shannon Lloyd, and Onur Kuzgunkaya: Economic and Ecologic Impacts of Industry 4.0: A Case Study Exploring Supply Chain Configurations with Distributed Production Capabilities in the Aerospace Sector

15h15: Effrosyni Diamantoudi, Eftichios Sartzetakis, and Stefania Strantza: International Environmental Agreements - Stability with Transfers among Countries

15h30: Karolyn Martin: Ethical Textile Design: Towards a Montreal Portrait









Panel IVb: Where Can a Sustainability Internship Lead You?

14h45: Zara Pardiak: Sustainability and Food

15h15: Gabby Bruser: Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Uganda

15h45-16h00 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided RF-120







Panel V: Landscape Ecology Perspectives on Sustainability

16h00: Ariel Spanowicz, Fernanda Zimmermann Teixeira, and Jochen A.G. Jaeger: Mitigating Roadkill: A Multi-scale Analysis about Wildlife Fencing

16h15: Benjamin Brunen, Caroline Daguet, and Jochen A.G. Jaeger: Analyzing the Effects of a High-Traffic Highway on Wildlife Movement in Proposed Wildlife Corridors

16h30: Jonathan Cole and Jochen A. G. Jaeger: Past, Present and Future Land-use in the Adirondack - Laurentians Ecological Corridor: Identifying Risk Areas for Loss of Connectivity due to Roads and Development and Proposing Proactive Mitigation Measures

16h45: Mehrdokht Pourali and Jochen A. G. Jaeger: Multi-scale Analysis of Urban Sprawl in Canada since 1971












Panel VI: The Politics of Sustainability

9h30: Maura Martinez: Mining in the Dominican Republic

9h45: Thibaud Henin: Standards as Strategies: Using Sustainable Forestry Standards as a Non-Tariff Barrier

10h00: Leif Schenstead-Harris: Sustainability at the Arctic Council: The Curious Case of the Sustainable Development Working Group

10h15-10h30 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided  

Round-Table Discussion I: What, if Anything, is Sustainability?*

Featuring Matthias Fritsch, Cheryl Gladu, James W.A Grant, Pedro Peres-Neto, and Amy Poteete

12h00-13h30 Lunch break (lunch not provided)  

Panel VII: The Role of Innovation in Sustainability

13h30: Hami Yousefdehi: System Innovation vs Innovation Systems in Sustainability Transition Pathways

13h45: Mark Underwood: Social Innovation and Sustainability

14h00: Cameron Stiff: Outside the Classroom, Outside the Box: Innovating Learning for Sustainability

14h15-14h30 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided  

Round-Table Discussion II: How to Build a Career in Sustainability

Featuring Maude Lecourt (Internship Coordinator for the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment), Colleen Thorpe (Director of Educational Programming at Equiterre), Andrew Ross (manager at PwC Canada’s Sustainable Business Solutions), Jamie Nicholls (Mayor of the City of Hudson), and Chantal Forgues (Sustainability Coordinator at Environmental Health and Safety, Concordia)

15h45-16h00 Break: Coffee, tea, and snacks provided MB-9AB
16h00-17h00 Dr. Kamal Bawa: Institutions of Sustainability Science: Lessons from ATREE, India MB-9AB
17h00-17h15 Student Awards Ceremony and Closing MB-9AB

* To listen to the panel entitled What, if Anything, is Sustainability, tune in to The Worlds We Want podcast.


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