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Current students

Profiles of current students

Zeina El Omari

Hometown: Brossard, Quebec

Major: Women's Studies, Minor in Sustainability Studies

2017 Concordia Arts and Science Scholar

Nature, the environment, sustainability, have always been very important parts of my upbringing and in my life. Like so many students, as I was planning my academic career, scrolling through the Concordia undergraduate programs, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability. Today, I consider myself quite fortunate for having launched my academic career at the Loyola College. Indeed, I remember dearly the many occasions where I felt not only welcomed but also a sense of belonging. The tight-knit community of students and the warm and welcoming faculty members make the Loyola College a human-sized space within Concordia where one can thrive intellectually and emotionally. Moreover, this stimulating and motivating environment has given me the opportunity to build up my confidence and to pursue my dreams. My main fields of interest are food production and social justice, particularly projects around sustainable urban agriculture, the building of environmental awareness within local communities, community building, and social and environmental justice. Besides my involvement within the community, after my undergraduate studies, I am considering a Masters in Cultural Studies. I am also hoping to research and maybe teach.

Tristan Masson

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Specialization: Political Science (Co-op and Honours), Minor in Sustainability Studies

Recipient of the Peter Kruyt Award for Student Leadership and Engagement

2017 Concordia Arts and Science Scholar

The Loyola College has a special place in my heart, as it balances the sometimes intimidating size of Concordia University with a small and cohesive community of students and faculty. Through this community I’m making all kinds of meaningful relationships and seizing many opportunities. For example, I’ve presented research at the College’s annual Concordia-Sienna Conference and represented the university at the Japan-Canada Academic Consortium in Nagoya, Japan. Additionally the College has given me the confidence to champion issues of sustainability in my community whether through my writing with student newspapers or sitting on the board of directors for the Sustainability Action Fund and Sustainable Concordia. After my studies, I’m considering research and teaching, journalism, and legislation and policymaking. Although I look toward the future with some uncertainty, I’m certain the Loyola College is where I need be.

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