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The Chenfeng Huang Memorial Scholarship

Every year, the Institute for Co-operative Education staff walk in the Concordia Shuffle to raise funds for the Chenfeng Huang Memorial Scholarship. 

This award was created in 2019 by the staff of the Institute of Cooperative Education in memory of Chen, a former Associate Director of the Institute. Chen worked with students and staff across Concordia every day and we know many students benefitted from her generosity, kindness and dedication.

This scholarship recognizes an undergraduate student who exemplifies the character traits that Chen possessed: personal accountability, collaborative practices, intellectual inquisitiveness, and the ability to inspire others to contribute within the workplace and the Institute community. We continue to appreciate the immeasurable impact that Chen had on the Institute and the Concordia community, and we thank Chen’s family for their continued support and their friendship over the years and into to future.

Support Team Chen

Make a donation to Team Chen at this year’s Concordia Shuffle to support outstanding students. All donors automatically receive a tax receipt by email. 

This scholarship is one of many awards and scholarships that recognize the achievements of students at the Institute, and provides them with a little extra financial support that could make a big difference. In addition to our Institute awards, we often nominate our excellent students for external awards.

Chenfeng Huang Memorial Scholarship recipients


Belen Hernandez, Biology

During Belen's internship at Abich Inc., she became known among her colleagues and clients for his human-first approach in a lab setting. She also successfully reached her goal to improve her French skills in order to be of better service within her role. 

Naghmeh Mahootian, Accountancy

During her two work terms at GoMaterials, Naghmeh quickly proved her capabilities and became a trusted colleague who earned additional responsibilities. She is always looking a challenge in order to move toward realizing her dream to become a successful C-level executive. She is also a great ambassador for co-op among her peers. 


Dina Khalesi​, Software Engineering

Dina made the courageous decision to take-on the challenge of applying to a school program in an extremely male-dominated field and has excelled by building strong and lasting relationships with her colleagues and her peers. She has recently accepted a job offer for when she graduates with Meta (otherwise known as Facebook).


Maïté Herrero, Marketing

Maïté has made it her personal project to improve the learning environment and the onboarding process for interns in the co-op community. She is currently building a video guide to improve, speed up and automate the onboarding process for future interns. Her goal is to create the ideal environment for co-op students to learn in and get the most from their internship experience.


Linh Tran, Marketing

During her time at Concordia Linh Tran exemplied the qualities that are recognized by the Chenfeng Huang Memorial Scholarship. She was a part-time research assistant, a Co-op mentor, a member of the Embassy team at the John Molson Marketing Association, and a member of the Garnet Key Society. After her first internship, Linh received the second job offer at Mega Brands. Linh was also given the honour to be recognized by the Dean's List.


Christopher Ng, Supply Chain Operations Management

Christopher had the opportunity to participate in three co-op internships at two major corporations. His positive attitude, resilience, work ethic and dependability have enabled him to exceed expectations. He also had the opportunity to tutor a student via the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities (ACSD). All this translated into recognition on the Dean’s list, attribution of the Dowan Kwon Memorial Scholarship, participation in a student exchange program representing Concordia in Denmark, and invitations to apply to the Garnet Key and to the Golden Key Honours Society.

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