A groups of faculty and students crouch as they plant a garden at the Loyola campus.

It's quite likely that you have passed one of our campus gardens at the Loyola campus. Or perhaps you have heard about the Concordia greenhouse. Volunteer or learn more about the amazing student-led initiatives connecting our campus community to experiential learning, food security, and sustainable food options.

A smiling woman wearing a basebal cap, t-shirt and shorts crouches in the soil as she harvests lettuce using scissors.

City Farm School / CultivAction


Loyola Campus - behind Hingston Hall (formerly City Farm School)

Cultivaction is a non-profit solidarity cooperative of urban farmers working in collaboration with community organizations in Lachine and at Concordia University to transition towards a more sovereign local food system.

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Surrounded by seedlings ready to transplant, a woman kneels in freshly turned eaarth at Loyola and digs a hole using a trowel.

The Concordia Pollinator Garden (photo credit Julian Haber / Concordia University)

Concordia Pollinators Initiative

Loyola Campus - behind Psychology Building

CPI tends two educational gardens, growing perennial plant species native to Quebec to provide food for our local pollinators from spring through autumn.

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A woman stands next to an abundance of seedlings in the greenhouse. She grins as she brings a leaf up to her nose to sniff.

The Concordia Greenhouse seedling sale

Concordia Greenhouse

SGW Campus - Hall 13th floor

The Greenhouse provides a welcoming, organic green space that fosters community by providing experiential learning opportunities within a year-round growing environment.

Please note that volunteer opportunities are severely limited during the summer due to excessive heat in the greenhouse.

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A lush vegetable garden grows from four raised wooden beds at the Loyola campus. Behind it, trees partially obsure the view of the Psychology building.

The mind.heart.mouth garden


Loyola Campus - in front of HA building

mind.heart.mouth. combines experiential learning in garden-based pedagogy and consumer sensory experience theories to create workshops and spaces designed to increase awareness and greater connections with our natural environments and with the ways, our food is produced.

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Many rows of raised and mulched garden beds sprout green plants. In the background, a fence seperates the garden from the residential area behind.

The People's Potato garden

People's Potato

Loyola Campus - behind rue Terrebonne

The community garden is the People's Potato's main summer project. Its goal is to provide a space that encourages volunteer participation while providing community members with access to fresh and organic vegetables. Everyone who participates in the project is encouraged to implement new ideas and undertake new initiatives.

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