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Academic accommodation requests

Learn about the types of support in place to minimize the adverse effects of medical or other concerns on your academic progress.

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What is an academic accommodation?

Academic regulations allow you to ask your course instructor for an extension, to re-weight an assignment or to modify an existing attendance policy, among other measures, when you face circumstances that threaten your academic progress. An accommodation is possible only if it doesn't fundamentally alter the program or course objectives and expectations, as determined by the course instructor. 

An accommodation is meant to help you successfully complete the course. If it's impossible for you to do the coursework or write the final exam, look into requesting a deferred exam, or a medical (MED) or incomplete (INC) notation.

Accommodation options

Talking to your course instructor is always the best place to start, since it is up to your instructor to determine whether an academic accommodation is possible. Accommodations could include an extension, re-weighting an assignment or modifying an existing attendance policy, among other measures.

Request for alternative delivery of course materials

You can ask your course instructor to record their lectures or share course material if these are not already available on Moodle. That may or may not be possible: your instructor will let you know.

You can also speak to your instructor about whether remote participation is an option for fulfilling in-person academic requirements, for example submitting a recording instead of giving an in-person presentation.

Keep in mind that if you signed up for an in-person course, it may not be possible to accommodate a request to take the course without coming to campus. 

Raising concerns 

To address what you feel is unfair treatment, consider speaking to staff at the Office of Rights and Responsibilities or the Ombuds Office

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