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Find inspiration in five years of past City School successes as you prepare to become a vital part of creating sustainable and inclusive urban futures. Discover our past projects in technology, arts and culture, city planning, ecological transition, sustainability, and community.

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The integration of civic engagement in the development of smart communities involves considering ways to design public spaces with open data, fostering resilience and enhancing civic participation. 

City planning

Addressing urban sustainability involves enhancing canopy diversity and surface area while measuring the social impacts of major projects on vulnerable populations.

Arts and culture

Ensuring cultural safety for Indigenous urban residents necessitates comprehensive strategies tailored to their needs, fostering a sense of belonging. Locally adapting public spaces to crisis-driven demands at the neighbourhood level and prioritizing the restoration of park buildings contribute to maintaining cultural significance and creating sustainable community spaces.

Ecological transition, sustainability and community

Exploring the potential of urban agriculture presents an innovative strategy for breathing new life into commercial arteries within the city, while ensuring the strength of Montreal's community bonds.

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