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Transforming cities, empowering students: collaborating for a sustainable and inclusive greater Montreal

The downtown campus of Concordia University

We tackle urban issues

We connect Concordia students and city representatives, through faculty members, by integrating an experiential learning experience in the form of a question to be answered.

How can we make active transportation more attractive?

How can the city embed climate change mitigation across its operations?

These are two examples, but there are as many questions to be answered as there are challenges in our communities.

That's why City School taps into university students as a resource to solve urban issues in Greater Montreal. We call them to think outside the box and develop innovative and sustainable solutions, in the form of hands-on research, internships, project work and other educational practices. 

Students apply what they learn in the classroom to a current and local challenge. We customize our matches to align with course needs and learning objectives.

View our past projects
Students are presenting their projects in a classroom

Collaborate with City School

Submit a problem or question specific enough that a solution or answer will be recognizable. Tackling your problem or question should also require a multidisciplinary approach and a degree of sophistication.

Students are working on their projects in a computer lab

Municipal employees

Do you work on urban issues in the greater Montreal? Do you have a specific need or project you want to design or implement? Get in touch to discuss how we can work together!

Concordia faculty

Do you teach a projects-based course and want to connect your students to real-world challenges? Have an idea for collaboration with the city or explore real-life experience opportunities for your students? We're here to help!

Suggest a project idea (City)Suggest a project idea (Concordia)

Collaboration through projects

Since the Fall of 2023, City School has led these collaborative city projects, after five years as part of CityStudio Global.

Contact us

Do you have questions, want to explore potential ideas to collaborate with us or are interested in viewing the past project posters created by our students? 

We want to hear from you!

Contact us at to discuss how we can bring you in City School!

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