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Research and development projects


We're innovators at Concordia. Our campuses welcome inspiring people who will guide you in developing solutions which will have a positive impact beyond the classroom

Engage in various forms of collaboration among faculty and students in social and natural sciences, humanities, arts and professional schools from across Concordia. 

We're here for the innovative ideas, the solutions, the latest research knowledge and the technologies. We're here to pilot projects demonstrating the best practices for livable, zero-carbon communities and thriving neighbourhoods.

Research and development projects can tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, including:

  • Sustainability transformation
  • Zero-carbon cities and buildings
  • Resilient communities
  • Digitalization, cybersecurity and AI
  • Climate change and preserving natural ecosystems
  • Education and strengthening environmental consciousness with the help of art and design
  • Transportation and mobility

Contact us

Do you have questions, want to explore potential ideas to collaborate with us or are interested in viewing the past project posters created by our students? 

We want to hear from you!

Contact us at to discuss how we can bring you in City School!

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