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Perspective of needed curbside uses and creative curbside management practices

How can we help cities realize the value of understanding their curbs and their usage?

How can the curbside be better managed, while increasing accesibility and equity for all users?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Case studies in the use of public space for goods delivery in dense urban areas

This research stems from the mandate received from the Agence de mobilité durable (AMD), a para-municipal organization of the city of Montreal.

The AMD is responsible for managing Montreal’s curbside and off-street parking spaces across Montréal. 

This research aims to learn about best practices in curb space and urban deliveries management in contexts similar to Montreal's dense inner-city neighborhoods. In line with the mission and prerogatives of the AMD, it centers its attention on cities that seek to balance efficiency, economic vitality and quality of life. 

Research phase 1

We conducted a review of the scientific literature on curb space management. This work aimed at identifying categories of problems, topics and applied approaches and concrete measures discussed in empirical studies.

Research phase 2

With a list of more precise keywords and promising case examples in hand, the second phase has consisted in identifying cities located in the United States, Canada and Europe, which had planned, piloted, and implemented a variety of measures to manage curb space.

Eight cases were then selected and analyzed more thoroughly, which allowed us to map, characterize and compare successful approaches and measures.

Such findings, in combination with material from the review of the scientific literature, are supporting our recommendations to the city of Montréal.

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