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Cultural safety

How can we provide and develop cultural safety for Indigenous people living in urban areas?

Today, the city is home to a diverse indigenous population, and it is essential that we take into account all dynamics of coexistence and the relationship between different members of the Montreal community. Indigenous people are resistant to accessing certain public services due to a lack of trust, reinforcing a sense of alienation and intimidation. Having a better overview of public services will help improve a sense of safety, dignity and respect for them.

Indigenous services interactive map

Although Montreal’s urban areas offer many opportunities for Indigenous people, several safety issues and socioeconomic disparities remain. In developing the projects, students have examined relationships between public services and Indigenous communities, promoting, recognizing and involving Indigenous knowledge in the city.

This map is intended to highlight locations offering services which may be of interest to Indigenous people. The tab on the right side of the screen allows you to choose which types of services you want to display on the map.

The eye symbol next to the colour associated with each service category can be pressed to temporarily remove that category from the map. This function may make it easier to locate a specific point of interest since the map can appear to be overwhelming when all locations are displayed at once.

The magnifying glass to the right of the eye can be pressed to automatically zoom the screen so that all the mapped services of this category can be visualized. This is especially useful to find services which may be offered further from the city center.

Clicking on an icon marker will make a pop-up text box appear with information about that particular service. The name of the location, the address, the postal code, phone number and often the associated website will be displayed.

Another useful function is the “Browse Data” button on the top of the right tab. Clicking this button will display a list with the names of all the services offered by category type.

The small magnifying glass found on the left of each name can then be pressed to locate the specific icon associated with that location on the map.


Students (fall 2019)

  • Caroline Lesage
  • Steffy Velosa
  • Vicky Bolduc-Brazeau


  • Ville de Montréal (Bureau des relations gouvernementales et municipales)
  • Marie-Eve L. Bordeleau
  • Jessyca Laurin


  • GEOG 466 – Geomedia and the Geoweb (Geography, Planning and Environment)
  • Sébastien Caquard (Professor)
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