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Alternative Modes of Transportation

How can we integrate new shared mobility services into Montreal’s urban reality?

You may have noticed a rise in the popularity of several new modes of transportation in Montreal: electric scooters, electric bikes, self-driving vehicles, free-floating vehicles, and carsharing.

Using an alternative transportation mehod can reduce distances and improve resilience, sustainability, and intelligence, but integrating these modes into Montreal’s urban dynamics creates a few challenges. We're here to mitigate these.

About the project

Located in what was once a bustling industrial neighbourhood without a name, Gorilla Park is a virtually unused lot situated just north of the Van Horne overpass, in a section of Mile-Ex known as Marconi-Alexandra.

Recent development in the area, such as the new Université de Montréal campus and several investments by the tech-sector, have proliferated the recent wave of revitalization and given Gorilla Park the opportunity for a new life. However, this opportunity comes with a challenge.

We need to create a park that can:

  • adequately serve both tenured residents and newcomers
  • function as a pole of shared mobility
  • reflect the unique history of the space

The common thread of our proposals and interventions for Gorilla Park are within the notion of mobility.

Our broader vision for the space is to establish Gorilla Park as a hub of activity, flows and movement, by tackling the following:

  • establishing an efficient mini bus route that connect four poles of activity in the area
  • designating and organizing an accessible space for various new technologies of shared mobility
  • creating an elevated crosswalk on Beaubien street, for the safe access of cyclists and pedestrians
  • encouraging sustainable and active forms of transportation by providing attractive, convival and secure bike locking stations


Students (fall 2019)

  • Francis Grenier
  • Dillan Cools
  • Jordan Langlois
  • Kristopher Adam Poteet
  • Michael Tomizzi
  • Daniel Ercegovac


  • Ville de Montréal (Service de l'Urbanisme et de la Mobilité)
  • Marina Fressancourt
  • Thomas Jasmin
  • Alessia Zarzani
  • Alexandre Guilbaud


  • URBS 333 – Urban Laboratory (Geography, Planning and Environment)
  • Silvano De La Llata (Professor)
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