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Project phases

Phase 1: Consultations

Winter 2022

Phase 1 consisted of consultations with faculty, teaching staff, students and university leadership. This is key to building a shared vision of the future of teaching and learning, consensus for that vision and for concretely connecting teaching and learning to the university’s other strategic commitments, including diversity, innovation and experiential learning.

To achieve this goal, Concordia worked with an external firm to design and carry out consultations.

Consultations were a bottom-up opportunity for faculty, teaching staff and students to provide their insights on how teaching and learning should respond to the changed environment of almost a year of remote teaching.

The consultations reflected our governance process and the sector-based specificity to teaching and learning in order to produce a meaningful plan that has university-wide ambitions and that is closely aligned with faculty-specific needs.

The consultations aimed to focus the conversation about the future of teaching and learning at Concordia around four broad areas of interest. These areas were selected because they represent shared values and institutional commitments already made.

Consultation areas included:

  • Inclusive teaching
  • Pedagogies for student success & wellbeing
  • Digital teaching
  • Blue sky thinking (teaching and learning innovation ambitions)

To learn more about the results of the phase 1 consultations, read the Future Concordia Teaching and Learning Conversation Outcomes.


Phase 2: Validation

Fall 2022

In Phase 2, we shared the preliminary findings with all our community members and asked for further input, validation, and revision. 

Based on what we had heard after months of conversation with faculty, students, and teaching staff, we proposed 5 commitments to anchor the plan:

  • Learner well-being and success
  • Partner widely and effectively
  • Greater program and pedagogical innovation
  • Value teaching 
  • Improved institutional supports and processes

We also asked to hear your thoughts on these commitments and on the changing landscape in higher education.

Phase 3: Drafting a Strategic Plan

Winter 2023

Phase 3 will consolidate and produce a strategic plan based on the findings in previous consultations.

The strategic plan will name ambitions for the university community and define faculty-level priorities and include mechanisms to measure progress, a roadmap that will guide implementation and a budget to achieve the objectives.

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