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John Molson Building eco-design

The John Molson Building on social and environmental issues:

Emphasis on sustainable development and social issues

  • The David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Entreprise Research and Distinguished Professorship aim to be the leader in developing business practices which support corporate social responsibility, environmental health and safety, environmental management, community and greening activities. The Centre focuses on guiding organizations towards holistic sustainable strategies which are rooted in innovation and enterprise development. The Centre is committed to advancing scholarly research endeavors, creating top-notch teaching and learning opportunities, and developing community outreach initiatives.
  • There is a new focus on faculty hires with research interests in sustainable development, social and environmental accounting, and corporate social responsibility
  • Academic programs focus on social and sustainable issues: for example, the MBA includes a mandatory ethics course and provides a Community Service Initiative (MBA CSI) course option.

The Solar Wall

Andreas Athienitis (Professor & Undergraduate Program Director of the Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering department) led the design and implementation of the solar energy intallation on the John Molson Building.

The John Molson Building uses a single façade surface to generate both heat and electricity from the sun. Learn more about the Solar Wall.

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