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Henry F. Hall Building

The Henry F. Hall Building is a high-density hub, located on De Maisonneuve Boulevard, on Concordia’s downtown Sir-George-Williams Campus. The cube-like structure was completed in 1966. Its exterior is made of pre-fabricated, stressed concrete, a feature of the brutalist movement, often associated with French architect Le Corbusier.

A number of social sciences academic departments are concentrated in the Hall Building. There are also numerous classrooms, engineering teaching and research labs, the Concordia Theatre (formerly called the D.B. Clarke Theatre), and student spaces, including student associations, the Hive Café, Reggie's Pub and the People's Potato.

The Hall Building is currently undergoing major renovations and updating. Between 2018 and the summer of 2019, part of the seventh floor was renovated to welcome a new, expanded Student Success Centre. The eleventh and twelfth floors were redone in 2005, including the addition of more 100-seat classrooms. The building’s auditoria have also been renovated. Elevators were replaced in 2007-08 and escalators in 2011-12. Renovations and upgrading of the remaining floors will run until the end of 2025.

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