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We have some of the most reputable sustainable investing programs here at Concordia. 

In order to educate current and future business leaders on a shift to a low carbon economy, robust certifications and programs were created to ensure that sustainability factors are considered in the decision-making process.

Sustainable Investment Professional Certification (SIPC)

The program offers a theoretical approach to fundamentals on sustainable investing. It’s a rapidly evolving area of expertise, requiring finance and corporate professionals to have a new set of investment and risk management skills. This program is offered online and in class. The SIPC gave an opportunity to over 150 individuals to obtain formal education on sustainable investing. 

This program was created in 2012, by the John Molson School of Business in cooperation with the Finance and Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

Sustainable Investing Practicum (SIP)

Launched in 2020, the SIP is the fruit of close collaboration between the John Molson School of Business and Manulife Investment Management (MIM). As a global leader in sustainable investing, MIM’s vision fit closely with Concordia’s aspiration to deliver a next-generation education that’s connected, transformative and fit for the times. Under the supervision of the SIP director and senior members of MIM, the selected students will have the opportunity to manage a $2 million virtual equity fund allocated by MIM with the explicit mandate of integrating ESG factors into the stock selection process.

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Sustainability Ecosystem Team
Telephone: 514-848-3960

*This Sustainability Ecosystem initiative is powered by the John Molson Executive Centre.

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