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Sustainability Case Competition

Do you want to help solve a pressing corporate sustainability challenge?

The John Molson School of Business Sustainability Case Competition (JSCC) is an annual event that focuses on the link between business and sustainability.

The main objective of JSCC is to foster meaningful collaboration among business schools while spreading awareness about the significant advantages of integrating sustainability into corporate strategies and decision-making processes.

This competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all over Canada who share a passion for sustainability.

During the competition, student teams will delve into a compelling case study that revolves around a sustainability issue. Their task involves crafting comprehensive solutions or recommendations that consider both financial implications and environmental impacts.

This approach ensures that the proposed solutions not only drive business success but also contribute positively to the environment.

JSCC provides an invaluable real-world experience for participants, giving them an opportunity to receive feedback from a distinguished panel of experts. By participating in JSCC, students gain invaluable insights, build essential skills and contribute to the advancement of sustainability practices in the corporate world.

For more information

Sustainability Ecosystem Team
Telephone: 514-848-3960

*This Sustainability Ecosystem initiative is powered by the John Molson Executive Centre.

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