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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly important for sustainable business and investment practices. In the past decade, we have seen the creation and adoption of frameworks and standards, an increasing commitment to responsible investing and a shift in regulation and in consumer preferences. Demonstrating leadership in ESG will ultimately become a differentiating factor for organizations.

Navigating this ever-evolving multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary landscape is not an easy task. As such, investors, corporations, policy-making organizations, academia and other stakeholders all have an interest in being educated on sustainability from the perspective of financial, marketing, accounting, legal, operations, policy, and more.

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Stephen Kibsey
Just as Mathematics is traditionally required in subjects such as Finance, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, etc., today Sustainability is equally required in all parts of business. In a transitional sense, Sustainability is the new Math moving us from Roman numerals to Arabic numbers!

Stephen Kibsey, Sustainability Expert

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