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Stéfanie Tremblay:
My inspiration

The profile of a woman with a serious expression, photographed in black and white, is juxtaposed on top of a photo of her smiling. Double exposure of a woman who looks happy in one photo and sad in the other. Mental health struggles are often not apparent from the outside, which leaves several individuals suffering alone. Credit: Nitcharee Sukhontapirom, iStock.

Can we use advanced brain MRI techniques for the early detection of declining cerebral health?


While in the midst of my master’s degree focused on fundamental neurophysiology, a few significant events occurred in my personal life. I witnessed the devastating, at times unforgiving, impact of mental illnesses on the lives of people close to me. So many questions came to my mind. I felt a drive to understand how brain disorders arise and which factors contribute or hinder their development. Through my current research, I seek to understand how different risk factors related to lifestyle, genetics and family history, impact brain health and cognition. My goal is to contribute to the design and implementation of better treatment and prevention strategies for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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