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Public scholar: Laura Domínguez Mercado

How can we slow down the evolution of antibiotic resistance?

My inspiration

Laura Domínguez Mercado holds a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology engineering from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). She was awarded a MITACS GR internship under the supervision of Professor Brandon Findlay, which led to her direct entry into the biochemistry PhD program. Her doctoral research focuses on characterizing the evolution of antimicrobial resistance and evaluating the effectiveness of novel drug therapeutics.

With a passion for science communication, Laura seeks opportunities to disseminate research to a broader audience and looks for ways to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. Laura holds a particular interest in inspiring women and young girls interested in STEM fields and is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and representation. She also prioritizes engaging with Latin American communities, aiming to foster interest and participation in scientific pursuits.

Laura has received funding from distinguished organizations such as FRQNT, MITACS and Concordia (Doctoral Special Entrance Award and Concordia’s International Tuition Award of Excellence).


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Spanish, English, French


Brandon Findlay

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