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Nadia Naffi

I study how the youth of a host society construe their role as agents of change in a context where the integration and inclusion of refugees are deeply influenced by social media.

Nadia Naffi has a background in arts and a Master's in Educational Technology. Currently a PhD candidate in Educational Technology at Concordia University and one of the five winners of the SSHRC Storytellers competition (2017), she is an expert in social inclusion, social integration and social media. Naffi is also a full-time faculty (LTA) at Concordia University. With over 20 years of experience facilitating classes at the elementary, high school, baccalaureate, magisterial and doctoral levels, Naffi serves as an educational technologist and a consultant in the development of online courses. She specializes in the design of synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as in interactive learning in a problem-based learning approach.


Educational Technology


Arabic, French, English


Ann-Louise Davidson


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