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HAR 9201 / ARTH 809 - BLOCK A SEMINAR, Integrative Seminar: Art History and Its Methodologies I: Art History and The Environment

T - 15:00-18:00
UQAM, Pavillon Judith Jasmin, JR-610


DR. NICOLA PEZOLET (Part II of II, Winter Term)

The Block A seminar is a required, year-long methodology course (Fall and Winter semesters) in which students from each of the four universities come together to discuss their doctoral research in a stimulating and collaborative environment.


The history of art is, in several respects, inseparable from the history of the environment. This seminar proposes to reflect on the mutations of the concept of environment (including in the broad sense of the term, including the natural, architectural, urban, religious, sensorial, media and institutional environment) by analyzing its dialectical relationship with the history of the environment, art. The transformations of the theories and representations of the sensible world will be analyzed in their relation to the history of art, both in a historical and critical perspective. It is a question of opening up a reflection on the different modes of interpretations of the environment that are offered by artistic and architectural practices, as well as by historical analysis and aesthetic theories.

The Integrative Seminar introduces students to advanced research in art history and to different methodological approaches. The first objective of this seminar is to integrate the new students of the inter-university doctoral program and to assist them in the development of their research project. The seminar will be structured by the study and critical analysis of texts, both classics and more recent studies. During the autumn session, a selection of key texts will be proposed to reflect on the complex links between the history of art and the notion of environment. The meetings will be held every two weeks around a sub-theme to encourage discussion and the construction of a common theoretical text base. The two professors will present a founding text in their own intellectual and academic journey. Some guest speakers from the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Art History or other Montreal institutions, participate in group activities. During the winter session, the é will be invited to submit texts in connection with their own research projects and define a problem, objectives, theoretical and methodological approaches. 

Sub-themes to be addressed: 

- Natural environment : landscape aesthetics; ecology 

- Environment and power : environmental control; Representations of the territory and cartography; Colonization and post-colonization; Art, conflict and forensic science

- Artificial environments: media environments; Sound practices; Atmosphere and immersion; Domesticity; Sensualist approaches; Theories of color; Total art work; synesthesia

- Industrial environments : art and marketing; Metropolis and modernity; Aesthetics of production; Fetishism of the goods 

- Environment and memory : museologies; Curatorial approaches; historicism; Archival practices; Heritage approaches; Conservation; Humanized landscape

- Sacred environments  : art, architecture and religion; Rites, practices and traditions; liturgy

- New environments : art, architecture and anthropocene; Meteorology; Neo-environmental utopias

Note: The bibliography below is only indicative and does not take into account the readings that will be proposed by the students and the invited lecturers. Note also that several books are listed in their original language of publication but There are translations.


Bibliography (in progress)

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