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HAR 7002 - BLOCK B SEMINAR: Reinterpreting the Past, Memory, Inheritances

W - 09:00-12:00
Université de Montréal, Pavilon Lionel Groulx, C2117

This seminar proposes to reflect on how historical data, collective inheritances and cultural constructions are reinvested through artistic productions. At the present time, the relationship that indigenous, migrant and minority communities have with their historical and cultural memory, and the manner in which artists apply them to re-actualizing, reinterpreting and transmitting them, Reflections on the modalities of transfers between the past and the present, and strategies for transforming memorial baggage. How articulates the memory of languages, territories, Of the different cultural anchorages? What relationships do some creators have with painful memories? How do mythological constructions manage to solve sociopolitical tensions and contradictions within collective projects? How do artists participate directly or do they actually dismantle them? How do they handle multiple cultural heritages, even conflicting ones? How do the different dimensions of memory articulate and are concretized through visual languages? This study also raises the question of forgetting, repression, unspoken, the manipulation of memory, the invention of representative models for purposes of unification and perpetuation. 

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