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Recycling buildings pays off for Ph.D. student Natalie Voland

Natalie Voland

CERC member and Ph.D. student Natalie Voland is featured in this article regarding the work of her company Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis. Based in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest borough, Natalie has 35 employees. She manages a portfolio of 1.5 million square feet and has nearly 500 tenants. She discusses how building restoration and preservation became to be one of her business’s strongest selling points, and how you can be waste-conscious without sacrificing profitability. “I had a supplier source recycled asphalt and I used crushed concrete from the demolition of a highway interchange. Instead of $2 million, it cost me $250,000,” sates Voland. Natalie quickly saw that waste in the construction industry could be harnessed into an opportunity, saving her money while making more profits. “In the future, concern for the environment will set your business apart, and it will pay off.” Voland’s growing business and the loyalty of her tenants is a testament to this statement. 

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