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About the Chair

The CERC Next-Generation Cities’ team of energy planners, designers, philosophers, biologists and building engineers are developing integrated strategies for efficient, de-carbonized, creative, accessible and green neighborhoods.

Can we achieve truly sustainable, accessible and inclusive urban spaces and transform cities currently defined by the consumption of energy and resources?


The CERC team is transforming our cities through innovative technologies and nature-based solutions into zero carbon, smart, and vibrant neighborhoods. We work on solutions for highest building efficiency, integration of renewable energy systems, sustainable transportation, and circular economy concepts. All developments feed into an urban data and modeling platform that allows us to build future proof scenarios. A new focus is on better user interaction via gamification concepts.

We aim for a decarbonized city, achieved through:

  • increasing urban biodiversity and access to green space
  • evaluating temperature and air quality
  • addressing building efficiency
  • transforming the transport sector
  • involving decision-makers and citizens in modifications of urban infrastructure and design
  • considering socio-economic and cultural differences to make informed decisions
  • empowering communities to understand the contributions to climate change by making data accessible
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