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Academic visitors

Davide Quaggiotto

Davide Quaggiotto is a Ph.D. student of Energy Engineering at University of Padova (UNIPD, Italy). He previously obtained is Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from UNIPD. He joined a research study at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), in collaboration with the European project Cheap-GSHPs (Horizon 2020), to perform specific tests on experimental borehole heat exchangers. In 2018 he started his research activity as a PhD student in the Department of Industrial Engineering of UNIPD. The activity is focused on the modelling and the integrated management of district heating networks and building-plant systems. His main goal is to maximize the energy efficiency of the district heating networks. To achieve this, energy simulations and optimization methods are used. 

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Former academic visitors

Florian Schirle

Florian Schirle was a Master’s student of Advanced Systems Design with a focus on second life battery storage systems at Aalen University, Germany. He previously received his B.Eng in electrical engineering with a focus on energy systems and renewable energy. For his Master’s degree, he collaborated with the CERC team at Concordia University, and he developed algorithms for the optimal selection and implementation of battery systems in specific applications using multi-criteria decision algorithms and computer-aided simulations. Currently, he is working at Aalen University on second-life storage projects and their integration into smart grids.


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