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The ace real estate broker

Merav Marciano, BEng 00
July 4, 2022
By Charlie Fidelman

Merav Marciano, BEng 00

Merav Marciano started her career as an electrical and computer engineer. After 10 years in the field with companies such as Nortel, CGI and Bell, Marciano leaped into the real-estate world, co-founding North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency alongside her husband Terry Kilakos.

"I’m business development and he’s sales," says Marciano, who leveraged her "engineering and analytical brain to build the business."

Licensed as a financial security advisor, chartered real estate and mortgage broker, Marciano, as vice-president, manages the daily operations of North East. In 2021, the real-estate power couple, who co-host The Real Estate Show on Montreal’s CJAD, acquired Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance — the only Coldwell Banker franchise in Quebec — to add commercial real-estate services to their clientele.

Keys to success

"Embracing failure as part of the journey, surrounding yourself with people who know more than you do, and investing in yourself, whether financially or time-wise."

Proudest moment

"I spoke at a women’s conference about some of the challenges I went through and our vulnerabilities as women, balancing work and family. Dozens of women came up to me after to say, 'We totally connect with you.'”

Career challenge

The crash of 2001. Engineers were all laid off at the same time. You have to learn to pivot.

Concordia takeaways

“I learned discipline, diligence and perseverance — skills I apply every day. I walked into the first class — one of seven women in an auditorium of 400 men — and maybe a quarter of us graduated. It definitely shaped me as a person.”

The Concordia student experience

"It was beautiful and I’ll never forget it. My fondest memory is having my fellow students around me like family, supporting one another rather than competing. Friends of mine in engineering at other universities didn’t have the same experience."

Industry projection

"The market is short on inventory but more will come in to stabilize the market in 2023; prices are not dropping soon."

Best career advice

"It doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis."

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