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Tribute to Cedric Marsh

World-class scholar made lasting contributions to Concordia and building engineering
February 6, 2013
By Laurence Miall

Cedric Marsh made many contributions to the field of engineering, including seismic control and dampers and earthquake- resistant structures. | Photo by Charles Bélanger, courtesy of Concordia’s Records Management and Archives Department.

Cedric Marsh (March 2, 1924 – January 21, 2013), a world-class scholar who made lasting contributions to the field of building engineering, died recently at the age of 88.

Marsh was a founding member of Concordia’s Centre for Building Studies, which was a pioneering centre in the discipline of building engineering in Canada.

“He was generous with his time, wise in his counsel, and gentle in his demeanor,” says Paul Fazio, professor, long-time colleague and friend to Marsh, and founder of Concordia’s
building engineering program. “He was jovial, eloquent and pleasant to be with. He was a great role model, a true gentleman in form and substance.”

Marsh was born and raised in Lancashire, England, and graduated from Cambridge University. He went on to a position with Alcan, which developed aluminum and other resources. He worked, taught and consulted around the world, including in Switzerland, South Africa, Australia and several countries in South America.

Marsh joined the Civil Engineering Department at Concordia in 1969. He was warmly welcomed, since the department then was young. Fazio describes Marsh as being loved and respected by students and colleague alike. He had a broad knowledge of engineering and was respected for his pioneering designs of large-span reticulated aluminum structures, which he built throughout South America.

His numerous contributions to the field of structures and structural dynamics include design methods for buckling, the aluminum design codes, seismic control and dampers and earthquake- resistant structures, to name just a few.

“I am fortunate to have known him as a colleague and a mentor,” says Fazio.

Marsh leaves behind a large and loving family.

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