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The William Blair Bruce European Fine Art Travel Scholarship

February 14, 2020

The William Blair Bruce Travel Scholarship provides $5,000 for a European research sejour, to be undertaken within the year. The tour is based on an approved Fine Art-related investigative project. As a final part of the travel scholarship, the recipients are requested to give a public lecture in Visby, sponsored by the Foundation on the investigative theme pursued during their recent European travel.

The deadline for applications is March 9, 2020.

The Scholarships shall be granted through competition, based on academic merit, to full-time students pursuing a Master of /Magisteriate or Doctor / Doctorate (PhD) degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at Concordia University nearing the completion of their degrees. Degree holders include those with a research-creation studio-based practice, including MA, MFA, MDes, as well as the MA/PhD Individualized Program (INDI) and the Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Program (HUMA), with a primary supervisor in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Performance-based art practices are not eligible for consideration unless they are undertaken within the context of contemporary visual arts practices and form a minority of the applicant’s practice. The Scholarships are open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents only. The Scholarships are not renewable.

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