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January 27, 2020: Invited Speaker Seminar: Using IoT Technologies to Build Smart Supply Chains

Dr. Ygal Bendavid

Monday, January 27, 2020 at 11:00 am
Room EV011.119


Internet of things (IoT) technologies have reached a level of maturity at which a critical number of end users are benefiting from innovative applications within their supply chain. In this seminar, how to leverage RFID/IoT's ability to automatically identify and track objects in real-time throughout the supply chain will be discussed. An RFID-enabled portal will be assembled and supply chain transactions (automated receiving and shipping, for example) to investigate how to move from automated data capture to real-time transactions shall be discussed to enable the basis of building so called «Smart Supply Chains».


Dr. Ygal Bendavid is a professor of Operations Management at the Department of Management and Technology at ESG, UQAM. Dr. Bendavid’s research interests evolve around applications of RFID technologies in supply chain & logistics management. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. Dr. Bendavid is directing Laboratoire Internet des Objets (IdO)/Internet of Things (IoT) and is supervising several postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in RFID applications in logistics management. Dr. Bendavid is a member of the LATECE (Research Laboratory on Electronic Commerce Technologies). He has published and presented his research in many prominent journals and conferences.

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