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4TH SPACE Concordia University-discusses Ambular Drone

The Ambular Drone as Emergency Response: Increasing Responsiveness in Healthcare

Hear from Concordia researchers and industry collaborators as they discuss the Ambular drone developed by staff from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Ambular 2.0 is a quick, safe and versatile response unit that can easily navigate the diversity of the built and natural environment, rapidly moving a person facing a medical emergency to the nearest hospital.

How can the ambular drone function as a new kind of emergency response measure and increase responsiveness in the health system, especially in our current global context?



Join the conversation by watching live on our Webinar Video

Dr. Luis Rodrigues
Dunia Abboud (ICAO)
Valeria Chavez (ICAO)
Yuri Fattah (ICAO)
Martin Javier Rico Martynowicz (ICAO)
Ruichun Lin (ICAO)

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