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CIADI Project Management Essentials Workshop

This workshop provides a systematic and thorough introduction to all aspects of project life cycle and its management. Having the skills sets to effectively manage a project using the appropriate techniques, is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. The workshop provides an overview of a project’s life cycle stages as well as the project management knowledge areas as defined by the PMI Institute. It emphasizes that project management is a professional discipline with its own tools, body of knowledge, and skills. Concepts are reinforced by case studies throughout the workshop.

Target audience: This program is tailored for graduate students in engineering that are involved in large scale research projects, and who aim to develop the leadership and managerial skills necessary for successful execution of any engineering project.


Develop new skills. Grow your network. Be career ready.

The Student Success Centre’s new skill development program for undergraduate students. FutureBound helps you develop the skills you need to successfully transition from university into the workplace.


Leadership Agility Program

The aerospace industry is currently facing an unprecedented sanitary crisis that is pushing it to evolve and expand in ways that will impact the aerospace ecosystem significantly. New technologies are emerging and becoming prominent research fields such as hybrid combustion, alternative fuels, application of artificial intelligence in the sector among others. Any graduate looking to start a career in this rapidly transforming aerospace sector will have to demonstrate an ability to adapt and self-learn. Embracing a growth mindset is now more important than ever. In this series of workshops, you will learn to cultivate a growth mindset and develop an ability to adapt and self learn and showcase your interpersonal skills during an interview and on your resume. The program consists of three work-shops, a panel discussion, and a case competition.This program is open to anyone interested in starting a career in the aerospace sector. Places are limited, registration is free.


Registration is closed – program will be repeated in Winter 2022


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