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CIADI has established a governance structure to facilitate and ensure key decisions and initiatives are identified an addressed with all the key stakeholders and that address both the education as well as the research mandate for CIADI.

CIADI’s governance structure

CIADI org chart

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides oversight of CIADI consistent with the University Strategic Plan for aerospace research and education. The Executive Committee is the overarching CIADI governance body controlling the major aspects of CIADI operation including:

  • The CIADI strategic plan
  • Operating budget approval and allocation
  • Approval of CIADI directorships
  • Assignment of CIADI office space for researchers and administrators
  • Approval of major strategic initiatives
  • CIADI performance metrics


  • Mourad Debbabi, Dean, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Lyes Kadem, Associate Vice-President Research, Special Projects


  • Carole El Ayoubi, Professor and Director of CIADI, Education
  • Marius Paraschivoiu, Professor and Director of CIADI, Research
  • Rasha Moustapha, Secretary and Project Manager, CIADI
  • Alice Isac, Manager Experiential Learning,Office of Experiential Learning and Cooperative Education
  • Ariane Cloutier, Concordia Continuing Education, Director of Administration & Operations
  • Chun Wang, Professor and Director for Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
  • Isabelle Dunigan, Associate Vice-President  Professional Education & Valorisation du français
  • Martin Pugh, Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
  • Yousef R.Shayan, Professor and Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Student Representative

         Martin Zorilla,CIADI Student Committee, Doctor of Philosophy Industrial Engineering              

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