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Undergraduate Engineering Students who find internships on their own in the aerospace sector, may be eligible to apply to have their internships credited by CIADI.

List of websites to support your search for an internship opportunity. * Students must create only one account on the SPOT platform. Multiple accounts related to one individual will be identified, and the individual in question will receive a notification from SPOT management to that effect.

*This is not an endorsement of these sites; the list is solely meant to provide an additional resource to you. It is your responsibility to consult these websites’ policies that could apply to you, including confidentiality policies.


Please note CIADI does not offer internships. Students must find internships on their own. Please see below for more on how to register for IADI 301 or IADI 401 course.


  • Be legally allowed to work in Canada
  • Be a full-time or part time student in an undergraduate engineering program
  • Applied for an internship in the AERO SECTOR
  • Completed a minimum of 24 credits
  • Must return to a full time study term after the completion of the internship
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.2
  • Good academic standing, i.e. A GPA of 2.0

After you have applied and been interviewed:


You will be registered to a 3 credits internship course ( IADI 301 or 401)  Registration form

  • Submit a work term report : TEMPLATE OF WORK TERM  REPORT via email to
  • Please make sure to submit a PDF version of the report and name the file as follows:             Lastname_FirstName_semester.PDF e.g. Doe_John_Winter2022.PDF
  • Receive a PASS/FAIL grade based on the assessment of your work term report.
  • The report is assessed by the CIADI Education Director, Carole El Ayoubi.
  • Term Report Report Guidelines



Selected students will have the opportunity to:

  • Work on a paid mandate at CRIAQ;
  • 13 weeks;
  • In the summer of 2024
  • Meet and work with various experts in the field to learn more about the realities of the industry, refine their understanding of the problem and test ideas for potential solutions.

The study will be publicly disseminated by CRIAQ at the end of the mission. This will promote the importance of this issue within the industry and stimulate the emergence of new thinking and solutions. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their careers.

Please see this link for more information on eligibility criteria and how to apply: CRIAQ'S Student challenge summer 2024

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