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The Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation (CIADI) is a coordinated umbrella platform that promotes and supports aerospace research and education at Concordia. It was the first Aerospace institute to be established in Quebec in May 2001. It provides leading edge know-how among engineering students engaged in aerospace design and innovation and supports the development and management of multi- partner aerospace research projects.


CIADI offers a unique value proposition that consists of the following:

  • Strong expertise and well-funded projects in 8 aerospace research themes
  • Active Aerospace Engineering faculty research members
  • Structured governance allowing for optimal synergy between industry, education and research needs
  • World-class educational facilities and faculty members mentoring and coaching students
  • Bilingual students with strong academic records and demonstrated soft skills are interviewed then selected as candidates for CIADI internships
  • Unique opportunity for students to gain cross-functional, hands-on experience making them better prepared for workforce upon graduation
  • Extensive regional, national and international industrial network

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