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Fast Finish For Formula Racing Team

July 18, 2013
By Michael Rembacz

Manufacturing and Machining Instructor
Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Concordia's Formula Racing team attended the Formula SAE competition in Lincoln, Nebraska, June 19-22, pitting their vehicle, CFR13, against those of 80 other teams from across the globe. Finishing 21st overall, the team continues to make gains amongst the rankings at each competition they attend.

FormulaRacing-team_small Concordia's Formula Racing Team

The event consists of multiple static and dynamic tests that the vehicle and team must overcome during a period of three days. In the infamous "tech inspection," which for most teams is a challenge, Concordia's entry got through on the first attempt.

"It's great to finally be at a point where it's not if we pass tech, but how competitive we are at the competition," said Jimmy Stabio, team captain.

The CFR13, team completed this competition with its highest design, cost and marketing presentation scores to date.

"Having a prepared team before getting to competition is the key to our success, and now we can only get better with the right iteration each year," said team coordinator Hubert Berezowski.

The dynamic events consist of acceleration, autocross, skidpad and endurance, all set to test the vehicle's integrity. In the endurance event -- the most difficult -- Concordia's car went through without a hitch. Stabio and Berezowski, drivers for the endurance event, made it look easy, completing the 19 laps of the event in 26 minutes and 23 seconds with a driver change. Out of the 80 registered teams, only 55 made it to the competition, and out of those 55, only 27 finished the endurance event. Concordia is proud to say they finished 18th in endurance.

The team has reduced the overall weight of their vehicle by over 55 lbs and dramatically improved its performance since its last entry at the 2012 Michigan competition. The team will also be presenting this vehicle next year at the 2014 Michigan competition, hoping to have even higher scores as they can complete their design, analysis and testing sequence in efforts to make this vehicle finish high amongst the rankings.

Congratulations to the Concordia Formula racing team for their hard work and effort. With this level of integrity and professionalism, the team will continue to strive to do better each year. Good luck team! Continue to make Concordia proud.

Thank you supporters and fans for all your help and encouragement ... stay tuned for greater things to come!

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