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From Halifax to Montreal, IIE Conference

March 2, 2012
By Alfred Manasseh

by Alfred Manasseh, Vice President Communications & Marketing of the Institute of Industrial Engineering, Concordia Chapter

Year after year, most of us, Industrial Engineering students across Canada, come together to participate, learn, and compete in the IIE Annual National Student Conference.

Last year, Ecole Polytechnique hosted the conference in Montreal. Last January, Dalhousie University welcomed us in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This year's theme was "Innovation in Atlantic Canada and Opportunities for Industrial Engineers". Over this 3 day event, industry-leading work undertaken by many companies in Atlantic Canada was demonstrated along with skills, essential for industrial engineers to stay at the forefront of their respective industries. Innovative uses of Industrial Engineering techniques, such as simulation, facility design, life-cycle analysis, and more were also showcased.

IE students were given the opportunity to meet, greet, and learn through different inspiring activities. Presentations were given by different industry leaders, such as Canadian Tire, Canada Post, and Trellisys to name just a few.

Concordia's delegation participated in most academic competitions:

Technical Paper  - 3rd Place
Liat Artzy
The technical paper is written about any topic the student wishes. It must touch all of the aspects of Industrial Engineering. This year Liat Artzy presented Implementation of Dual Sourcing Strategies Through Inventory Control Management at ITM Instruments Inc.

Theoretical Competition - 3rd Place
Anthony Toteda, Cynthia Volpe, Dimitri Yasmine, Ramon Savinon
The theoretical competition consists of a series of questions written and marked by professors from Dalhousie. This tests the students' knowledge on the most important topics of Industrial Engineering.

Last but not least:
We would like to thank our sponsors, Pratt & Whitney, Proma Ahesives, the ENCS Faculty, the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, the ECA, APICS, CIADI, and of course Concordia University for helping us making it to the conference.

A Reason for Concordia to Celebrate!
The next 2013 IIE Annual National Student Conference will be hosted by us, Concordia University!!! The success of this coming conference depends on you, Concordia IE students! We are counting on your help and support to make the 2013 IIE National Conference the best!

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