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Vatistas named EIC Fellow


The Engineering Institute of Canada will honour George Vatistas, professor in Concordia's Department of Mechanical Engineering, for his excellence and professional service at its annual awards gala in Ottawa on February 25, 2012.

"What an unexpected gift for me to start the New Year to be named a fellow of the prestigious Engineering Institute of Canada," said an honoured Vatistas." "I had no idea that I had been nominated. It is a distinct honor to be among the illustrious roster of past fellows."

Since 1963, the Council of the Institute has elected annually to the grade of Fellow a number of engineers in recognition of their excellence in engineering and their services to the profession and to society.

About the EIC
Established in 1887, the EIC is Canada's federation of engineering societies committed to engineering for a prosperous, safe and renewable Canada. The 12 member societies in the federation include: IEEE Canada, Canadian Nuclear Society, Canadian Dam Association, Canadian Geotechnical Society, Canadian Society for Bioengineering, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Canadian Society for Senior Engineers, Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, Canadian Society for Engineering Management, Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society, and Canadian Maritime Section of the Marine Technology Society. This year the Institute will be celebrating the 125th year of existence.  For more, visit

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